Our Commitments

Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Pivot GIS is totally committed to providing a Safe, Healthy and Environmentally sustainable workplace for its employees, subcontractors, client and members of the public who may be affected by our operational activities.

In fulfilling this commitment, the management of Pivot GIS has dedicated itself to providing leadership and adequate resources in order to maintain Health, Safety and Environmental programs to implement this policy, in compliance with applicable Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental legal requirements and other requirements to which Pivot GIS subscribes that relate to its Occupational Health and Safety hazards and Environmental impacts.

Pivot GIS shall provide workplaces where Occupational Health and Safety hazards and Environmental impacts have been fully assessed and appropriately mitigated to prevent personal injury, work-related ill health, property damage and to protect the environment. Pivot GIS shall ensure the prevention of pollution in relation to those of our activities or services that have or may have significant impact(s) on the environment.

Pivot GIS is committed to the effective operation and continual improvement of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management System and performance and measure this by setting Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental objectives consistent with this policy at relevant functions and levels within the organization annually and before the commencement of any project. These objectives shall be monitored and reviewed at regular and planned intervals and adjusted as necessary.

Pivot GIS will incorporate social responsibility as a key feature of its operation to encourage sustainable development and promotion of the communities we interact with. A program has been implemented to ensure the security and protection of personnel and assets.

This policy shall be communicated to all persons working under the control of Pivot GIS with the intent that they are made aware of their individual Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental obligations, and are properly trained to undertake them diligently. This policy shall be available to all interested parties.

This policy shall be reviewed annually by Top Management to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the nature and scale of Pivot GIS’s business and identified risks.

Pivot GIS expect all employees to comply with this policy because its success depends on everyone; and serious breaches of the policy shall be treated as disciplinary offenses.

Kehinde Bolodeoku
Managing Director/CEO   
3 July 2017

Quality | Exceeding Standards & Customer Requirements

Pivot-GIS is engaged in providing Project Management, Procurement, Construction (Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning) and Facilities Operations and Maintenance services in the Oil and Gas and allied industries and has a vision for optimum quality,  reliability, safe service delivery and efficiency by building capacity through strategic partnership and alliances to enhance our business performance and to achieve customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, Pivot-GIS operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems – Requirements.

Pivot-GIS Top Management is committed to:

  • Satisfying applicable requirements by ensuring that customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently met.
  • Continual improvement of the Quality Management System with a focus on enhancing customer satisfaction.

Pivot-GIS have adopted the process approach methodology and the utilisation of risk-based thinking philosophy when developing, implementing and improving on our Quality Management System.

This policy provides the framework for setting quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes needed for the Quality Management System. The quality objectives shall be consistent with this quality policy, measureable, communicated, monitored, reviewed and updated as appropriate.

This quality policy shall be communicated, understood and applied within the organisation, and be made available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate.

This quality policy shall be reviewed periodically as applicable by Top Management to ensure it is relevant to the purpose and context of Pivot-GIS organisation and its strategic direction.

Pivot-GIS shall ensure that all employees and persons working under its control comply with this policy and applicable arrangements.

Kehinde Bolodeoku
Managing Director/CEO   
1 July 2018

Alcohol & Drug Policy

The use, possession, distribution, purchase or sale of alcohol or illegal drugs while on duty, or conducting any official business in connection with Pivot GIS is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

Likewise, reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other substance that impairs mental or physical capacity other than the properly reported and authorized use of medication as part of a prescribed medical treatment program is prohibited.

This policy covers Pivot GIS employees, subcontractor personnel, visitors and client and all are required to comply with this policy and its implementation. Policy implementation: Enhancement of this policy shall include:

  • Education and training: Pivot GIS shall put in place an education and training programe designed to create awareness on the danger and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse for employees Testing: Pivot GIS reserve the right to conduct on-going drug and alcohol testing in a manner prescribed by this policy and implementation program. Such tests may be unannounced, unplanned, periodic or random. Testing for drugs and alcohol shall be in accordance with national legislation and recognized international standards of health and hygiene with due concern for the dignity of all employees.
  • Rehabilitation: Pivot GIS shall provide any employee who has tested positive or who comes forth on their own to seek advice and assistance of a problem with drugs or alcohol, with information regarding rehabilitation. The cost of such rehabilitation shall not be borne by the Company. Participation in rehabilitation program shall not protect the employee from disciplinary action for continued substandard job performance or rule infractions.
  • Searches and Inspections: Unannounced searches or inspections for drugs and alcohol shall be conducted by Pivot GIS or Pivot GIS’ Client on work locations at the discretion of management.
  • Consequence Management: Any employee, subcontractor, visitor or client who test positive to alcohol or drug shall be liable to the consequences as follows:
    • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) greater than 0.039 mg/Litre will result to immediate removal from work site and termination of employment.
    • BAC greater than 0.019 mg/Litre will be relieved from duty and denied access until next regularly scheduled duty period. The employee will lose the day’s pay, and be subjected to Return-To-Duty/Follow-up Testing and rehabilitation measures.
    • Self-declaration of alcohol will result in removal from site as if the BAC were greater than 0.019 mg/Litre.
    • Employees who refuse or make themselves unavailable to be tested will be terminated.
    • All non-employees including visitors, subcontractors and client who violate this policy will be removed from Pivot GIS workplace.

Kehinde Bolodeoku
Managing Director/CEO   
1 July 2016

Corporate Security Policy

Pivot GIS is committed to protecting the company’s employees, properties, information, integrity, reputation, and customer’s assets from potential threats in the supply chain.

This policy is guided by the company’s basic core values, code of conduct and business ethics which fashion and influence the way we operate throughout the supply chain. All security activities must adhere to the principles lay down below to provide the basis by which Corporate Security will shape the direction and conduct of security.

Pivot GIS Security policy and procedures shall be implemented according to the national and international laws and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The security and protection of employees, subcontractor and client personnel is the overriding priority of all Pivot GIS business activity.

All Pivot GIS employees, subcontractors and clients must always be aware of and take responsibility for the security aspect of the Pivot GIS’ business activities.

Pivot GIS shall procure the services of non-armed guards and a qualified and accredited professional security outfit to provide security for the organization, and shall contact government authorities to provide armed security within the scope of legality and approved practices when there is the need for such. These security organization and resources must reflect this commitment.

Incident prevention is the first priority. Threats analysis and risk evaluation should be carried out on a continuous basis.

Preparedness is essential to mitigate incidents rapidly and effectively. Response plans are to be developed and tested to deal with assessed risks. In the event of an emergency, Pivot GIS’ response to security threats will be tailored towards the protection of people, environment, equipment, and reputation (the PEER principle) in that order. In such cases, Pivot GIS will ensure the situation is managed in-line with established contingency plan.

Security measures and procedures must be subject to regular inspections, validations and verifications by security auditors so as to maintain high levels of security standards in Pivot GIS operations.

Pivot GIS shall ensure that the level of professionalism, knowledge and integrity of staff involved in security matters on behalf of Pivot GIS must be tightly controlled and exemplary. Appropriate training plans, recruitment, contracting and termination procedures must be established and implemented.

All incidents, including security breaches and irregularities must be reported and recorded. Corrective actions should be taken and followed up through the regular verifications to improve overall security standard.

As far as possible, security procedures and guidelines reflect the seamless integration of security and business activities; thus this policy will be reviewed, and if necessary revised annually to keep up to date.

Kehinde Bolodeoku
Managing Director/CEO   
1 July 2016

Incident Reporting & Investigation Policy

Pivot GIS employees are to report all incidents including accidents, emergencies, near‑misses, dangerous occurrence and ill health which takes place while working at Pivot GIS’s offices, shops and field locations, and while visiting or working at all Client work locations immediately to their Supervisors. A competent Investigating Team is to investigates and record all OSHA recordable, serious near misses, and customer-requested incidents in an appropriate and timely manner according to Pivot GIS Incident Reporting and Investigating Procedure and legal requirements utilizing the best practices and techniques available.

This policy and its implementation procedure aims to provide a structured, proportionate and timely approach for determining and dealing with the immediate and underlying (root) causes of incidents and implement corrective action that are necessary to prevent future occurrences.

Pivot GIS shall not retaliate against employees for reporting a workplace injury and illness and will adopt and train employees in user-friendly reporting procedures that do not discourage or deter employees from promptly and accurately reporting injuries and illnesses, with the overall aim to prevent the under-reporting of incidents.

The results of incident investigations and Lessons learnt shall be communicated within Pivot GIS and shall provide feedback into the processes for hazard identification, risk assessment, emergency response, HSE performance measurement and monitoring and management review, so that improvements can be made.

The privacy and confidentiality of personal and health information pertaining to all persons shall be maintained.

Pivot GIS expect all employees to comply with this policy because its success depends on everyone. Failure to report incidents and/or comply with investigation processes by employees shall be treated as a disciplinary offense.

Kehinde Bolodeoku
Managing Director/CEO   
1 July 2016

Seat Belt Use Policy

Pivot GIS recognize that the use of seat belts has a significant effect in reducing the number of death and severity of injuries resulting from traffic crashes. Pivot GIS care about the employees, and wantto make sure that no one is killed or injured in a tragedy that could have been prevented by the use of seat belts.

To assure the safety of all employees; therefore, it is the policy of Pivot GIS that seat belts shall always be used by all employees of Pivot GIS when operating a company-owned vehicle, or any vehicle on company premises or on company business; all occupants are to wear seat belts throughout the vehicle or, where appropriate, child safety restraints when riding in a company-owned vehicle, rentals or in a personal vehicle being used for official company business.

Purpose: To establish mandatory seat belt use as an organizational priority and designate responsibility for implementation and enforcement, thus reducing death or injury as a result of motor vehicle crashes “As Low As Reasonably Possible”.

Recommendation: All employees and their families and other occupants of vehicles are strongly encouraged to always use their seat belts and the proper child safety restraints whenever they are driving or riding in any vehicle while in an off duty capacity to further reduce the risk of death or injury.

Responsibility: Managers and supervisor must demonstrate their commitment to this policy by communicating it to Pivot GIS employees, monitoring compliance, evaluating effectiveness and ensuring that disciplinary action is taken against infringing employees.

Belt Systems Maintenance: Seat belts in Pivot GIS vehicles are to be maintained so that they are clean and in good working order.

Employee Education: Information on the benefits of seat belts, as well as Pivot GIS commitment to their use will be emphasized in new employee orientation, training, handbooks, safety rules and internal communications. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to promote and provide time for employee awareness programs to explain the benefits of seat belts both on- and off-the- job.

Enforcement: The driver of the vehicle is responsible for enforcing seat belt use by all occupants.

Pivot GIS expect all employees to comply with this policy because its success depends on everyone, and shall take disciplinary action against any driver or passenger who violates this policy.

Kehinde Bolodeoku
Managing Director/CEO   
1 July 2016

Workplace Violence Policy

Pivot GIS is committed to providing a workplace free from violence or threats of violence for all employees, customers and visitors. Pivot GIS does not tolerate behavior, whether direct or through the use of company resources that is violent; threatens violence; harasses or intimidate others; interfere with an individual’s right of movement or expression; or disrupts Pivot GIS’s workplace and/or ability to provide services to customers.

Violence and threats of violence may include:

  • An act of verbal abuse or physical assault
  • A substantial, communicated or suggested intent to harm another, endanger the safety of others, or destroy property.
  • Behavior or actions that carry a potential for violence (throwing objects, waving fists, destroying property, etc.)
  • Obsessively directed behavior (i.e., stalking, intensely focusing on a grudge, grievance, or romantic interest in another person).

This policy applies to all Pivot GIS work locations including offices, vehicles, and field locations.

Pivot GIS have established a workplace violence program that implements this policy. It include measures and procedures to protect employees from workplace violence, a means of summoning immediate assistance and a process for employees to report incidents, or raise concerns.

Threats of violence and incidents of actual violence should be reported as soon as possible to a supervisor, security personnel, Human Resources (HR), or any member of senior management with specific and detailed information.

Pivot GIS shall thoroughly investigate and deal with all concerns or incidents of actual violence in a fair and timely manner. Pivot GIS will guard against retribution and adverse treatment of employees who bring forth concerns or incidents or who participate in an investigation.

Any employee found to be responsible for threats of or actual violence or other conduct that is in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination, and advice to appropriate authorities. If the offender is not an employee, other appropriate action will be taken including advice to the person’s employer and to appropriate authorities.

Kehinde Bolodeoku
Managing Director/CEO   
1 July 2016

Weapon-Free Workplace Policy

The use, possession, transportation or sale of dangerous weapons including firearms, explosives, knives and other weapons which could cause harm on Pivot GIS premises, in a Pivot GIS vehicle, or while you are engaged in the work or business of Pivot GIS is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized by Pivot GIS Management.

Pivot GIS employees, subcontractor personnel, customers, as well as visitors, are subject to the provision of this policy.

Pivot GIS reserves the right at any time and at its discretion to perform unannounced searches or inspection at Pivot GIS workplaces including persons and vehicles entering the workplace, for the purpose of determining whether any weapon is being or has been, brought onto Pivot GIS property or premises in violation of this policy.

Any employee who is aware of a weapon of any type or form within Pivot GIS workplace or that anybody has a weapon in their possession while engaging in Pivot GIS business, has an obligation to report this information immediately to his/her supervisor, Human Resources, Safety and/or Security.

Pivot GIS expect all employees to comply with this policy because its success depends on everyone. Any employee in violation of this policy or refuses to promptly permit a search under this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. If the offender is not an employee, other appropriate action will be taken including advice to the person’s employer and to appropriate authorities.

Kehinde Bolodeoku
Managing Director/CEO   
1 July 2016